“nova scotia” ~ magic man



“Nova Scotia” sounds like what you would get if you crossed The Killers with, well, The Killers. The song, just as full of indie-popism as their other releases (“Paris” and “Texas”), is a bit more anthemic than their previous offerings. Alex Caplow belts over swelling synths and drums that make you want to run through an airport trying to catch the love of your life before she gets on that plane to…Nova Scotia?



rhye ~ open



Slow-soul duo Rhye’s music has proved to be good remix material. It could be that the band’s singles are softly and cleanly constructed, their basic elements easy to suss out after just one or two listens. Most likely, though, it’s the gossamer voice of Rhye vocalist Mike Milosh that’s been bringing out the best in producers, who have taken to jettisoning most of the original material and wrapping Milosh’s coos around their own constructions, effectively taking it out of the bedroom and straight to the dancefloor.

“morning song” ~ the lumineers

The carbonation in my drink
The bubbles rise while my heart sinks
And all I tend to do is think of you

Was it easier to pack your bags
And book that flight to paris as
The plane began to move that afternoon

When all the trains have pulled away
From local stations in decay
It’s I who waits, it’s you who’s late again

And did you think of me when you make love
To him, was it the same as us
Or was it different, it must have been

And all the pretty dames
They’ll hug and kiss you all the same
And when they go, they’re gone
They’re not running late
Oh all, all the pretty dames

And the kids you hold in your arms
With promises to protect them from harm
But they grow, and they go
And you’re all alone
All the kids, all the kids that you hold

And it’s a shame that it ends this way
With nothing left to say
So just sit on your hands, while I walk away
It’s a shame, it’s a shame, it’s a shame
When my hands begin to shake
When bitterness is all I taste
And my car won’t stop
Cause I cut the brakes
I hold on to a hope in my fate

Oh oh ah ah hey hey
May you return to love one day
Well I hope and I pray
You get what you gave
Oh oh ah ah hey hey


windshield smasher ~ black moth super rainbow

There’s a guy in Pittsburgh who calls himself Tobacco. He’s been making music as Black Moth Super Rainbow since 2003. His sound has transitioned from disjointed psychedelia to more guitar-heavy dance music, though all of it has a trippy element to it. It shouldn’t surprise you that people enjoy doing drugs and going to see Black Moth Super Rainbow play.

Black Moth Super Rainbow just finished a very successful (and entertaining to read) Kickstarter campaign, raising over $125,000 to release the new album Cobra Juicy. Premiums included a haunted house tour, a roller skating party and hand-painted, glow-in-the-dark masks with a USB stick jammed into the mouth like a tooth. 

“Windshield Smasher” is the new song from Cobra Juicy. It’s sort of like a malevolent stadium anthem that gets progressively weirder. Listen and download below.

lithium (nirvana cover) ~ marika hackman

Marika Hackman is an unbearably young British singer-songwriter with a free EP of covers currently available on her personal website. This Nirvana cover is so wrong, and won’t appeal to original fans, but it is well done and very much of the present (read: there are many artists out there who sound just like her. But she’s achieved what she’s sought to achieve.). Her EP also features a nicely done cover of Dusty Springfield’s “Spooky,” and might appeal to fans of Sarah Blasko or Emiliana Torrini.

weigh you down ~ crushed out

What do you get when combine a guy who grew out of the So-Cal punk scene and grew up around a recording studio with a girl who grew up in New Hampshire as a junior Olympic skiier.

You get Crushed Out – Frank Hoier and Moselle Spiller.
They play a fuzzy, bluesy brand of 60s rock and roll. Moselle plays the drums and is gorgeous so the easy comparison is little hurricane. They call their music, “honky tonk surf music.” So let’s go with that and wait for their debut release – “Want To Give”

dance with your partner / vermeer ’65 ~ the walkmen

“dance with your partner”


“vermeer ’65”

A few months ago, the Walkmen released their absolutely excellent new album “Heaven”, a blissful LP about the pleasures of easing into middle age. And now the band is letting us hear a few of the songs from the Heaven sessions that didn’t make the album — though god knows they could’ve. “Dance With Your Partner” is a contented slow-building ballad, and “Vermeer ’65″ is a breezy, low-key tune. Both songs appear on an extremely limited new 7″, you can hear “Dance with Your Partner” above.