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the national ~ don’t swallow the cap




It looks as though they still have more tricks up their sleeves. “Don’t Swallow The Cap” is a majestic wonder of a track that sees the National take their direction into an even further territory. Matt’s vocals are a bit more..hushed alongside everything else. Bryan Devendorf’s drumming is impeccable, as always, as his fills are slightly reminiscent of “Brainy.”

With everyone of their best songs, there’s a grand feeling of being sweeped up into a better place when the song hits their groove. They do so with grace and ease on here.

There’s a lovely female backing vocal that is likely either St. Vincent or Sharon Van Etten, both who appear on the new album. There are so many great line’s to pick out, but my favorite has to be “And if you want to see me cry / Play Let it Be or Nevermind.” Matt’s a genius.


“wallow” ~ coasts



Coasts’ gloves come off on their latest offering, “Wallow.” The Bristol five-piece toss pop considerations aside here, instead opting for a hard-hitting five minutes of sonic, guitar-heavy rock.   — it seems Coasts can do no wrong. Stream “Wallow” above.


“home” ~ austra


“Home”, the first single from Austra’s forthcoming LP Olympia, featured Katie Stelmanis’ arresting voice amidst a dry, thwacking rhythm that sounded like an abstract, minimalistic form of dance music. In other words, perfect remix fodder.  Olympia is out June 18

“west coast slide” ~ work drugs



Work Drugs bring a magnetism and energy that is impossible to ignore, it’s infectious and perfect for summer. Hopefully summer is coming soon so we can all hop on a yacht and listen to their new dancey “West Coast Slide.” After all, according to their website yachting is one of the things they specifically had in mind when they make music: “Work Drugs makes music specifically for boating, sexting, dancing, yachting, and living.”

There’s not many other activities in life that are actually worthwhile, which reveals that Work Drugs are on the right track, not just aesthetically but in their lifestyle choices as well. The Philadelphia duo composed of Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana are bringing their relaxing glow-pop out on a full-length release sometime this summer, but for now enjoy the first single which you can stream  above.

“relapse” ~ twin wave



Jazz. Soul. Rock. Pop. It’s not often that artists can weave their way through such seemingly diverse genres and emerge with music that’s both fresh and exciting. The Brooklyn outfit, Twin Wave,  have been described as “psychedelic synth pop,” but their music is far more than that. “Relapse” is actually quite reminiscent of Mute Math; it’s music that’s pleasant on the ears while also indicative of technical skill. That’s not something you see much of these days. tay tuned for Twin Wave’s debut EP this summer.


“you’re in love” ~ betty who




With the release of The MovementBetty Who is lined up to join the ranks of The Breakfast Club version 2.0. Releasing her inner-Madonna, Betty Who puts on the tights and styles her EP to sounds like a modern version of Flashdance.

With strong, catchy bass lines “You’re in Love” grabs listeners from the start with a white-knuckle grip. Blasting in with computer-altered vocals before clearing out to clean voice, the song highlights the pipes on Who. There is no questioning her reach and efficiency as a front man (or woman for those of you who think I’m sexist.)

“line of fire” ~ junip


Getting the band back together may end up being the smartest move in Jose Gonzalez’s career.  José González has long been making beautiful, thought-provoking music. But in his work with Junip, joined by Elias Araya and Tobias Winterkorn, his tinkering, quiet wisdom is elevated by glorious arrangement of Swedish folk origin and indie rock progression. Junip closed a five year hiatus in 2010 with their first full length record, Fields, where they caught critical praise with the excellent single “In Every Direction”.