the national ~ don’t swallow the cap




It looks as though they still have more tricks up their sleeves. “Don’t Swallow The Cap” is a majestic wonder of a track that sees the National take their direction into an even further territory. Matt’s vocals are a bit more..hushed alongside everything else. Bryan Devendorf’s drumming is impeccable, as always, as his fills are slightly reminiscent of “Brainy.”

With everyone of their best songs, there’s a grand feeling of being sweeped up into a better place when the song hits their groove. They do so with grace and ease on here.

There’s a lovely female backing vocal that is likely either St. Vincent or Sharon Van Etten, both who appear on the new album. There are so many great line’s to pick out, but my favorite has to be “And if you want to see me cry / Play Let it Be or Nevermind.” Matt’s a genius.



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